Precious Little Memories Baby Photography

Capturing Memories One Click at a Time

Baby photography for 4-10 month olds

As a parent it’s very easy to get carried away in the first few weeks of meeting your new arrival. Enveloped in a haze of nappies, formula, tears and sleepless nights, we understand that adding a newborn baby photo shoot to the mix might just be a little too much to fit in at this precious time! If you have missed the newborn photo shoot stage but would still love to capture those special memories, those first smiles and those first interactions, why not talk to us about our 4-10 month old baby photography packages?

Baby photography for 4-10 month old babies

Younger baby photo shoots – 1-4 months

At younger ages from 1 – 4 months old, it’s still possible to capture that tiny baby look. For many reasons, a newborn photo shoot may not happen, and this shoot gives you the option to create some of those gorgeous poses with detailed, carefully captured shots. We can also use basket props and take close up images of their toes and hands at this age.

Older baby photo shoots – 6-10 months

For the more advanced little ones, our 6-10 month baby photography photo shoots aim to capture their fun and cheeky personalities as they are emerging.  We do this through interactive play with their toys and we encourage the aid of  mum and dad in achieving those winning smiles! Every little one is different and we want to tell the story of your little one as they are, capturing the essence of their true personality through carefully timed clicks of the camera!

What to expect from your baby photo shoot at every age

As highly experienced baby photographers, we aim to make the baby photo shoot an enjoyable experience.  Our studio in County Mayo is highly equipped, warm and comfortable, creating a welcoming environment for you and your little one. We understand that life can sometimes be unpredictable with babies of this age, so we are happy to take the time to achieve perfection and put both yourselves and your little one at ease.

Every month brings its own milestones, from that first smile between 1 and 2 months and their first proper laugh at around 4 months old. By 6 months, your baby is likely sitting up by themselves, and then by 8 months, they’re starting to gain their independence as they begin to crawl and start on their own journey of discovery!

By ten months, they are starting to develop their own little personality. Those precious months fly by so quickly, and in a haze of busyness we often lose those precious moments. The beautiful images resulting from our photo shoot will ensure no milestone gets lost – these beautiful moments in time, captured forever. They grow up so fast, time is precious!

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