New Beginnings – Family Photo Shoot

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Family Moments, Captured Forever

Grace and Sean recently contacted us here at our photography studio in Charlestown, Co. Mayo. They had just moved into a new home together and were looking for some beautiful family images to fill those empty walls. We were happy to help and booked them in for a family photo shoot here in the studio.

Grace and Sean were aiming for casual, relaxed imagery, so as experienced family photographers we suggested a jeans and t-shirt shoot. We generally find this atire easier with regard to moving people around and posing, as it’s not as restrictive as perhaps a short dress and heels outfit! Our shoots often involve some seated images on the ground, and jeans are a lot more suitable for this. This type of clothing suits everyone, young and old, and never dates.

This style family photo shoot also enhances your shoot by creating a feeling of togetherness. It ensures the focus stays on the family, minimising the distraction of  individual outfits. With this in mind, we also used a contemporary, dark background to create a modern edge and eliminate the intrusion of surroundings.    

Family Portraits with Shutter Fever Photography

We were delighted with how the shoot turned out. It created some amazing individual portraits of each child along with images of all the boys, all the girls and the entire family. We gave Grace and Sean plenty to choose from!

The modern images achieved from a family portrait photo shoot such as this are beautiful printed on acrylic or canvas. We can even use different coloured frames to keep things fun and colourful and match with your home. For Grace and Sean, the resulting images were perfect in their ultra modern new home. It was a lovely way of freezing a moment in time before progressing on their new path together.

New beginnings – Family Photoshoot

This is what we love about family photoshoots. They are a way of portraying a memory of how things used to be, of capturing the essence of a moment and ensuring it is never forgotten as everyone moves on in life. We always say ‘time waits for nobody’ and in the current climate that is more true than ever. If you are thinking of booking a family photoshoot, call us today!