Kate King-Roberts 60th Birthday Photo Shoot

60th birthday photo shoot in style

At Shutter Fever, we love birthday photo shoots. The glamorous Kate King-Roberts’ 60th birthday photo shoot was one which oozed style and sophistication. Kate is a working model and has been a regular to our studio in Charlestown, Co. Mayo over the years, promoting fashion for various outlets. With a wealth of experience behind her, Kate’s photo shoots are always a dream. She really knows how to move in front of the camera and is straight down to business with great results. She works for Cat Walk Modelling Agency and we recently had the pleasure of helping her update her portfolio. Using a variety of clothes and styles, we got some great images, highlighting her versatility for work in all areas of fashion modelling.

Hollywood portraits with Shutter Fever Photography

With her 60th birthday fast approaching, Kate mentioned she would love to treat herself to a vintage Hollywood themed photo shoot to celebrate her milestone birthday in style. Her time working in theatre in England meant she had many outfits to suit this era and she felt this themed photo shoot was the perfect way to celebrate this important milestone in her life.

Hollywood portraits with Shutter Fever Photography

The shoot required careful planning and preparation in order to get all the details right. Together with Kate and her husband Bill, we planned the shoot in advance, giving careful consideration to the outcomes Kate was hoping for. Using different background and lighting set ups, along with film noir style lighting and smoke to create atmosphere, we carefully captured the essence of the 1940s. Kate was a natural in front of the camera as usual and suited the styling of this era perfectly. The lighting style captured the shadows and mystery of this period perfectly. Kate’s hair and makeup helped to emulate and enhance the atmosphere and tonality of these classic photo shoots. Kate was delighted with her evening and brought home a selection of digital images and memories to last a lifetime. We also printed a large image for her to hang on her wall at home.

Capturing Memories One Click at a Time

Milestone birthday photo shoots

Birthday photo shoots are the perfect birthday gift for the one you love. If you know someone approaching a milestone birthday, why not call us today to discuss the perfect themed photo shoot…

Kate's Framed Album

Celebrate your shoot with one of Shutter Fever Photography products like Kate here, who went for a luxury album, This can be stored away or it can be displayed on a shelf if you’d like to give your images pride of place at home.

  • Leather bound album
  • Frame style box to display 
  • Custom designed 

Framed Album