Ingrid Maternity Photoshoot

Ingrid Maternity Photoshoot

There is nothing more beautiful than the celebration of a pregnancy, that special feeling of nurturing a new life and bringing your special little person into the world. However, in the busy weeks, months and years ahead, the pregnancy itself is sometimes forgotten.  A maternity photoshoot is the perfect way to remember your pregnancy, how you felt, how you looked and the incredible waves of emotion that went with it all!

We recently welcomed Ingrid and her partner to the studio for their maternity photoshoot. They were eager to celebrate the excitement of the pregnancy with their families and as both of their families live abroad, the images from the maternity shoot allowed them to share this special time with their loved ones in a beautiful way.

Ingrid Maternity Photoshoot

Naturally Ingrid was very nervous on arrival but she had a great idea of what she wanted to achieve from the shoot and we were happy to listen to her ideas and put her at ease. We started off slowly, easing her into the shoot by getting some images of her with her partner and as she relaxed we progressed to some of her shape, using soft window lighting to compliment her beautiful baby bump. We also did some lovely blue material shots as we knew at this stage that Ingrid was expecting a baby boy.

Capturing Memories One Click at a time

Baby Evan

Baby Evan arrived healthy and happy around 6 weeks after the maternity shoot and we were thrilled to welcome him to the studio for his Christmas photoshoot at 7 days old. He was the perfect model! He obviously enjoyed it too as he came back in his scary monster outfit for his Halloween photoshoot where we also shot the first family image. He’s becoming quite a regular as he was back again for his birthday cake smash! We love having him in the studio and we adore creating these amazing images, capturing memories to last a lifetime.

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