Capturing Family Memories Spanning The Generations

Capturing Family Memories Spanning The Generations

We can all be guilty of taking family for granted but it is important to recognize the value of marking special occasions and creating memories for the future.

As a photographer, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless stories unfold through the lens of my camera. However, It is always extra special when past clients comes back to tell another chapter in their family story. Angela, Cian, came for their first family Portrait Fourteen years ago, when I was just embarking on my photography venture with Shutter Fever Photography.

Angela and Cian had intended to book a tradition family portrait Session in the studio. they envisioned something more encompassing – a celebration of not just their immediate family, but also the grandparents and extend family.

A family gathering photoshoot takes approximately one hour, a small sacrifice of time to create a family connection for generations. 

Capturing Memories One Click at a time


As a photographer specializing in family sessions, I understand the immense value of capturing the unique bonds between children and their grandparents. Here’s a glimpse into the types of shots we create for our grandparents’ section.

Grandparents with their Immediate Family:

  • This segment of the shoot focuses on celebrating the love and warmth shared between grandparents and their immediate family


Grandchildren with their Grandparents:

  • We aim to capture the essence of the special bond between grandchildren and their grandparents. Whether it’s playful moments, tender hugs, or shared stories.

Group Shot of all the Grandchildren:

  • Lastly, we gather all the grandchildren together for a heartwarming group shot. This collective image serves as a beautiful memento of family unity and the joyous moments shared during our session.

A Moment in Time, A Memory for Life

Individual Family Portraits:

  • Each individual family within the extended family unit will have their moment in the spotlight. Ensuring that every Family receives a Family portrait and Siblings Shot.

Capturing Memories One Click at a time

A Moment in Time, A Memory for Life