Baby Zoe

Capturing Memories One Click at a Time

Zoe's Baby Portrait

Zoe’s parents wanted her baby portrait photo shoot to focus solely on little Zoe. In our planning, we were careful not to use any props which were too distracting.

Her lovely outfit of a white t-shirt and floral trousers complimented the white studio background perfectly. We got some beautiful images of her having fun!

For her baby portrait shoot, we used a few simple toys to help Zoe settle. As a result, we got some lovely natural images of her interacting with the props and playing with teddy.

First portraits are very special. Parents wonder where time has gone, how has their baby grown so much and how can they make time slow down! A baby portrait photo shoot is the perfect way to capture these precious moments. It’s a small, but perfectly formed window of opportunity to freeze the transition from baby to independent little person!  

Baby Portraits - Perfect Wall Art

A photo shoot isn’t just about creating gorgeous imagery of course. While we’re planning your shoot, we’re considering what your end product might be. Are you interested in a large framed print, wall art or canvas? Maybe you’re looking for digital images to share with family and friends? 

All our photo shoots have your end product in mind. We’ll shoot to ensure you’ve got a sequence for wall art or a high quality landscape for framing. And, if it’s small prints for grandparents and godparents, we’ll have them in your final images too. 

We know you’ll want to showcase beautiful images of your kids on your walls, and we’ll help you do that!

Capturing Memories One Click at a Time

These images serve as lifelong mementos of that beautiful baby hair, that little dimple in the cheek and the sheer innocence of these fleeting moments, gone by too quick.

Don’t let time pass you by, book your photoshoot today…