Baby Grace Newborn Photoshoot

Newborn Photoshoots

As highly experienced Baby Photographers, we love nothing more than a newborn baby photoshoot! We were delighted to have baby Grace visit us recently for her newborn shoot. We usually aim for between 2 and 5 different poses or looks and baby Grace happily did them all! At Shutter Fever the health and safety of your precious little one is our foremost priority and with that in mind both Mary and Sean have undertaken comprehensive training in the UK in posing babies correctly and safely. We also use the highest quality baskets and garments to ensure your baby is comfortable and safe throughout the process.

Newborn Moments, Captured Forever

A newborn photoshoot usually takes place within the first ten days of your little ones arrival. We know these first days can be stressful and full of emotion for new parents and we also know that your little one is still getting used to life in the outside world! Therefore, we try to make the newborn photoshoot as easy and stress free as possible for everyone involved. We allow up to four hours for the shoot so there is no fear of feeling rushed and it also allows for those essential feeds and nappy changes in between shots. Mum and Dad are also welcome to treat themselves to a coffee and sandwich and grab a few moments of relaxation!

Capturing Memories One Click at a time

Newborn Details

Usually we do our detail shots on a black background, as seen in Grace’s images but there is also an option to choose a white background if you prefer. A lovely feature of the newborn shoots is that it gives Dad a chance to shine, as he is the person doing most of the handling. One of our favourite poses is the full body shot of  the baby on Dads arm as it really emphasises the vulnerability and smallness of them at this age and their dependence on you, their parents. Its such a beautiful moment to photograph.

The newborn photoshoots are a beautiful experience. Your little one will never be this small again and its so precious to capture them at this fragile stage. It’s a time you will never get back, but with our carefully captured images, the memories can be cherished forever.