A Moment in Time, A Memory for Life

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Family Moments, Captured Forever

We were thrilled to welcome Leon and Rosalind Tunney-Ware to our studio recently for their family gathering photoshoot. We were delighted to be able to accommodate the clients requirements and welcome both the immediate family and extended relatives to our highly equipped  studio in County Mayo. We are blessed to have a large enough premises that we can cater for high numbers, meaning nobody gets left out of such a meaningful event. Our location in Charlestown, just two minutes from Ireland West Airport, Knock also made life a lot easier for two of the girls who reside in the UK.  Everyone was thrilled to arrive to tea and refreshments which we had prepared in advance for them.

Family Portraits with Shutter Fever Photography

We can all be guilty of taking family for granted but it is important to recognize the value of marking special occasions and creating memories for the future. Those special moments between grandparents and grandchildren, the birthdays and anniversaries, are all times to be celebrated and captured and what better way to do that than with a family photoshoot. A family gathering photoshoot takes approximately one hour, a small sacrifice of time to create a family connection for generations. It is also a lot of fun, and as per Leon and Rosalind’s photoshoot, we like to photograph both smaller groups and the full group during our family photoshoots, meaning there are plenty of images to choose from.

A Moment in Time, A Memory for Life

We have had the privilege of photographing countless families in our studio in Charlestown, and we are happy to advise regarding shoot preparation. We recommend keeping all clothes neutral and if wearing prints, ensure they are small print and will not overpower the images. We also prefer to shoot the portraits with a neutral white background as the aim of the shoot is to keep the focus on the family and not the surroundings. Upon booking we will chat to you about your specific requirements and advise accordingly.

We are all too aware that tomorrow is not promised. Why not call us today to book your family gathering photoshoot and create a memory that will last a lifetime?