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What could be more precious than those first early days with your newborn baby?  Your gorgeous, tiny bundle of joy is a revelation, and you’re starting to discover everything about the brand new member of your family.  Time goes by in a flash, so committing precious memories to camera is the perfect way to capture those magical moments with your new addition. 

Your baby’s first fortnight is the ideal time for your newborn photo shoot.  Your baby is still curled up tight and spends so long sleeping it’s easier to get those special shots that make unforgettable memories you’ll want to keep and share forever. 

Expertly trained in the UK, Sean Flynn knows exactly how to get the most out of your photo shoot – poses that work best for your baby, the studio lighting that shows their every gorgeous feature to perfection and all the trimmings to ensure mum and dad enjoy their first adventure as a new family.  We usually recommend booking your photo shoot once you reach your second trimester so we can be certain you have the perfect window for your baby’s photos.

Sean’s training and expertise means you’ll have loads of great images from your studio shoot, both of your newborn and, if you wish, the first portrait of your brand new family, or even with granny and granddad!  If you would like stunning images that capture your precious family memories perfectly, then contact Sean now for your newborn studio photo shoot.